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September 4, 2006

Andrew Noble (13 years old)

I considered it a great privilege to be part of the Dream Team program at the Olympic Training Center in California! I learned a lot about the BEST method from Coach Lee, how to pursue our goals from Rick McKinney, and why and how to keep a field book from George Tekmitchov. However, I learned the most about how to improve my technique and how to implement the BEST method during the training times that week.

Coach Lee's presentation on the BEST Method helped me a great deal. I know understand that the reason that it is the best method is because of back tension, which allows us to perform better under pressure. I learned a lot about my posture: stance, having a straight back rather than a hollow back, keeping my head position, and not leaning forwardJ. I also now have a better understanding of loading and transfer. I know what the difference between angular movement and linear movement is and because of that I know how to load angularly. I also learned about follow through, how to drop my wrist and use my back to complete the shot.

Rebecca Timmins ( 15 years old)

I learned many interesting things throughout the past week. I learned what the high performance program objectives are. I learned that in order to succeed you need to give 100% instead of 95%. Everyone also learned what Biomechanics are, and how it is important in archery. We also learned that there are steps to shooting for instance set up, loading, anchoring, transfer, expand, release, and follow through. In the second day of being at the OTC we learned a lot about all the different types of physical training. There are certain types of training such as cardio and pulmonary training, and resistance and flexibility training. We also learned what you eat is your body's fuel, so eat things like carbohydrates and proteins. Another thing that we learned was what to have in your notebook just in case your bow breaks and you need to repair it fast. The sports psychologist also talked about how to use our mental game, and building confidence. I think that one of the most important things that I learned while staying at the OTC was the B.E.S.T method. I never knew that there was so much to archery. You have to make sure that you use back tension or you will not be able to shoot good under pressure. You have to make sure that you transfer so that you can get back tension. After you follow through you have to make sure that your hand is facing down like you are telling someone to sit down. You have to make sure that you are using all of the right muscles. There is so much to this form and that is why I am excited to learn it. It might not be the easy way out, but it will help me shoot well and achieve my dream to be in the 2012 Olympics.

Catherine Sahi (16 years old)

I learned a lot of information while I was at camp. The BEST method is very new to me, because I have never been exposed to it before. I believe that after using the BEST method for a week, my form became more consistent and stronger. Currently, I have to think about every step and go through a checklist in my mind, but after using the new method, with time my shot should become easier, and I will not have to think so much when I shoot. I also really enjoyed learning about the technical, psychological, and physiological side of shooting. I have never really worried about my own

  • Equipment
  • , because my dad and my coach would. However, now I know that it is important and I should be more involved about knowing my own
  • Equipment
  • , especially if I have to fix a problem and my dad and my coach are not present. I also learned that I should keep better track of what my training schedule is, and that I need to get in better shape. I had already known that using bigger muscles is stronger, but I never knew the proper technique that uses the stronger muscles. I really enjoyed my stay at Chula Vista, and am very excited for the next camp. This camp really got me motivated in archery again, and I am planning on working hard to excel.

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