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The KSL International Archery School of High Performance was founded and is operated by Coaches Kisik Lee and Robert de Bondt in an effort to promote and forward the sport of archery worldwide.

Who is Kisik Lee?
Korea's Kisik Lee could be described as the Guus Hiddink of archery. He has one of the proudest coaching records in archery history. He has led five teams to the Olympic Games and seen his athletes win a Gold medal every time. From 1981 to 1997, he was Head Coach of the mighty Koreans. Under his guidance, Korea won a combined total of eight gold medals at the 1984, 1988, 1992 and 1996 Olympics.

In late 1997, he moved to Australia, helping Simon Fairweather win the Men's individual Gold in front of his home fans at Sydney 2000 Olympics. That means that Lee has played a hand in nine of the 18 Olympic Gold medals won since 1984.

Kisik Lee has proven that he can coach archers other than Koreans to achieve great success and Simon's Olympic 2000 Gold Medal, David Barnes Bronze Medal at the 2003 World Championships, and Tim Cuddihy's Cadet and Junior World Championships in 2002 and 2004 and Bronze Medal in Athens 2004 are testimony to this.

Now 49, Kisik Lee has been involved in the sport since his school years in Korea. He was an enthusiastic and talented archer, competing at national level. However, Korea did not send archers to major international competitions at the time so Kisik Lee's athletic successes were enjoyed only within his country. Korea started a national archery program for women in 1977 and for men in 1978. When the men's program was created in 1981, officials asked Lee to be the coach. He was just 24 years old.

In 1997 he moved to Australia and has been the National Head Coach for the past 9 years and has educated less-experienced coaches in methods of archery training. He is an active supporter of FITA's Development Technical Assistance Committee and recently lectured coaches from more than 30 countries at a conference in Madrid, Spain and more recently in Seoul, Korea. He hopes the lessons he provides for his own archers will help other coaches and aspiring athletes.

Lee has always invested a lot of time in the scientific aspects of archery. He studies technique, body control, muscular requirements, mental concentration, and other elements, which he believes, are essential to becoming an elite competitor.

As from January 2006 he has taken on the challenging role of National Head Coach for the USA. Australia is very sad to lose a coach of his caliber, but the legacy he has left behind will live on for a long time coming.

Kisik Lee strongly believes that his coaching talent and successes over the years are a gift from his God. Now he wishes to continue to share this gift through KSL International Archery (KIA), this web site and through annual coaching seminars and camps to be held in Australia. These seminars and camps are aimed and open to all archers and coaches worldwide.

KIA is a non-profit organization.

Who is Robert de Bondt?
Robert has been an accomplished archer in both recurve and compound since 1987. He became a coach in 1988 and is now a recognized High Performance Pathway Coach. In 2004, on behalf of FITA, he introduced archery into the Solomon Islands. He is also an accredited National FITA Judge and Strength and Conditioning Coach.

He has studied Sports Psychology extensively and is a firm believer in all mental aspects of the sport.

He was awarded NSW Coach of the Year in 2000 and again in 2004. At present he is responsible for running the High Performance Coaching Program in the State of NSW in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Sport.

He met Kisik Lee in 1997 and attended some of his earlier seminars, but it was not until the end of 1999, when Robert was appointed Head Coach for the Australian Paralympic Archery Team 2000, that he came into regular contact with Coach Lee. Since 2000 Kisik has not only become his mentor, but also his friend.

Over the years many people all over the world have pressed Kisik to write a book to share his experiences as one of the world's most successful archery coaches in training Olympic and World Champions. Even though Kisik has held numerous coaching seminars and clinics in Australia and the rest of the world, writing a book has always been on the backburner, both due to time and language constraints. However, around Christmas 2002 Kisik and Robert combined their skills, so they could write a book together. The result was the book Total Archery first published in February 2005. The book met with such great success that the Second Edition was published in October 2005. The book is being translated in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German and Italian and is proving to be one of the most successful archery books published*.

* Alternative Sporting Services UK, one of the largest world wide mail order specialists stated in their April 2005 Newsletter,

" TOTAL ARCHERY by Ki Sik Lee: This is already our biggest selling book ever! Korean coaching legend, Ki Sik Lee, put pen to paper to share his unrivalled coaching knowledge with the rest of the archery world. A very well presented hardback book."

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