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Fluid - Who needs it?


Total body water below normal - Hypohydration:

  • Increases body temperature
  • Elevates heart rate
  • Increases risk of heat stroke
  • Increases fatigue
  • Reduces mental function
  • Affects fine motor control
  • Affects concentration, decision making AND Performance

By drinking regularly during exercise/competition, athletes can prevent declines in concentration and skill level, improve perceived exertion, prevent excessive elevations in heart rate and body temperature and improved performance - good justification for every athlete and coach to make fluid replacement a key priority during training and competition.

How much should athletes drink during exercise?

FactFluidThe Australian Institute of Sport has done extensive research and has come up with an excellent three page fact sheet in PDF format - Fluid - who needs it?

We recommend that every athlete and coach should take time to read this and develop and implement hydration strategies during training and competition.

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