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Colin Britt - UK
Dear Mr Kisik Lee,

Just to say thanks for the enormous help your book, and the shot cycle has been to me. I'm ........

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Bengt Eriksson

Dear Mr Lee,

I just read on your website that the Swedish national coach is spreading the word about the KSL shoot cycle. For that reason.......

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George T
George Tekmitchov

Kisik Lee and the New American Method - Why I changed my form after 23 years    [Read Now]

Jinyoung (Vanessa) Lee

his past weekend I was given the great opportunity to hear Coach Lee speak at his seminar in Chicago.    [Read Now]

Three Dream Team Members

Coach Lee's presentation on the BEST Method helped me a great deal. I know understand that the reason that it is the best method is because of back tension, which allows us to perform better under pressure.    [Read Now]

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