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Tokyo Olympics 2020

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Hyundai Archery World Cup Final - 29 to 30 September 2021

Yankton 2021 Hyundai Archery World Cup Final logo

Videos for Hyundai Archery World cup finals

Women Recurve Cup final Click here for video - 2hrs 15min.

Men Recurve Cup Final Click here for video - 2hrs 9min



Recurve Women's final ranking


Recurve men's final ranking


Compound women's final ranking

  1. COL flag Sara Lopez
  2. SLO flag Toja Ellison
  3. DEN flag Tanja Gellenthien
  4. COL flag Nora Valdez
  5. MEX flag Andrea Becerra
  6. USA flag Savannah Vanderwier
  7. RUS flag Natalia Avdeeva
  8. USA flag Paige Pearce

Compound men's final ranking

  1. NED flag Mike Schloesser
  2. USA flag Braden Gellenthien
  3. USA flag Kris Schaff
  4. DEN flag Mathias Fullerton
  5. SVK flag Jozef Bosansky
  6. FRA flag Adrien Gontier
  7. ITA flag Federico Pagnoni
  8. IND flag Abhishek Verma



Hyundai Archery World Archery Championships


Hyuyndai Archery World Archery Championships 19 Sep -26 Sep 2021

Click here for Results and Details

Final ranking: recurve men

  1. KOR flagKim Woojin
  2. bra flagMarcus D'Almeida
  3. USA flag Brady Ellison

Final ranking: recurve women

  1. KOR flagJang Minhee
  2. USA flag Casey Kaufhold
  3. KOR flagAn San
Casey K Casey Kaufhold's silver is the first individual podium for a USA recurve woman at the world championships since Denise Parker in 1989. At 17-year-old of age, it's a phenomenal achievement.

Final ranking: recurve women's team

  1. KOR flag Korea
  2. MEX flag Mexico
  3. FRA flag France

Final ranking: recurve men's team

  1. KOR flag Korea
  2. USA flag USA
  3. TPE flag Chinese Taipei

Final ranking: recurve mixed team

  1. KOR flag Korea
  2. RAF flag RAF
  3. TUR flagTurkey

137th Target Nationals and U.S. Open

logo nat21

The 137th USA Archery Target Nationals and U.S. Open is held for adult (Senior and Masters) archers in the recurve, compound and barebow divisions. For 2021, the 137th USA Archery Target Nationals and U.S. Open will be held August 18- 21, 2021

For more details
Click Here


Brady & Toja

Two U.S. National champions in one family

Congratulations to Brady and Toja

Brady Ellison Recurve men 1367 (9.493Av)

Toja Ellison Compound Women 1398 (9.708Av)


Tokyo Olympics 2021

Everything you need to know about Olympic Archery at Tokyo 2021
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The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 will be celebrated from 23 July to 8 August, 2021.
The Paralympic Games will be celebrated from 24 August to 5 September 2021

Women Qualification round - RESULTS

Men Qualification round - RESULTS

Mixed Teams Bronze Medal Match - Mexico 6-2 Turkey

Mixed teams Gold Medal Match - Netherlands 3 - 5 Korea

Gold - Korea
Silver - Netherlands
Bronze - Mexico

Women Teams

Women Teams Bronze Medal Match - Belarus 1- Germany 5

Women Teams Gold Medal Match - Korea 6 - 0 ROC

Men Teams

Men's Team Bronze Medal Match - Japan 5 - 4 Netherlands

Men's Team Gold Medal Match - Korea 6 - 0 Chinese Taipei

Women's Individual

Women's individual Bronze Medal Match - Brown (USA) 1 - 7 Boari (ITA)

Women's Individual Gold Medal Match - An San (Korea) 6 - 5 Osipova (ROC)

Gold - AN SAN (KOR)
Silver - Osipova (ROC)
Bronze - Boari (ITA)

Men's Individual

Men's Individual Bronze Medal Match - Tang (TPE) 3 - 7 Furukawa (JPN)

Men's Individual Gold Medal match - Nespoli (ITA) 4 - 6 Gazoz (TUR)

Gold - Gazoz -(TUR)
Silver - Nespoli (ITA)
Bronze - Furukawa (JPN)

Hyundai Archery World Cup Stage 1


19 to 25 April 2021

Click here for complete results booklet

Pan American Games 2019 Lima, Peru

Brady and target


Recurve Women - Alejandra Valencia - Mexico
Recurve Men - Crispin Duenas - Canada
Recurve Men Team - Canada
Recurve Women Team - USA
Recurve Mixed Team - USA

For more detailed results of Pan American Games click here

NEW!!! Axcel Contour Pro Finger Tab - Brady Ellison Signature Series

An exciting development in contoured finger tab design, taking finger tabs to a new exciting level, designed and used by Olympic Champion Brady Ellison.

Finger tab silver tab fingertab green

Click pictures for enlarged view

For demonstration video click here

December, 2019

Archery - The Mental Game

Transform your Self-Image to reach your potential in archery.
A two day Archery Specific Program with Troy and Brian Bassham.

Dec 12 &13, 2019

For more info Click Here

See you in Moscow for the finals


moscow 2019

6 Sep to 7 Sep 2019

Click picture for all information

Local Time

Kang Chae Young

Kang Chae Young - Korea wins Women's Recurve Gold Medal defeating Tan Ya-Ting, Chinese Taipei 6-4 , being her first World Cup Title and the sixth Korean woman to become Hyundai Archery World Cup Champion

Brady Moscow

Brady Elliso-USA wins the Men's Recurve Gold Medal defeating Mauro Nespoli-Italy 6 -2 , capping an incredible season.

Sarah Lopez

Sarah Lopez-Columbia wins the compound Gold Medal defeating Natalia Avdeeva 149-139

Mike Schloeser

Mike Schloesser, Netherlands wins the compound Gold Medal defeating Braden Gellenthien 147 -144

USA Flag

Mixed Compound - USA defeats Russia 157 -155

Madrid 2019 World Archery Youth Championships

Madrid youth logo
19 Aug - 25 Aug
Madrid, Spain

Local Time
July 31, 2019

BERLIN 2019 HYUNDAI ARCHERY WORLD CUP STAGE 4 Berlin 1 July - 7 July 2019
Click this link or picture for results and all other tournament information

JULY 31, 2019


11 July to 18 July 2019
Tokyo, Japan

Time in Tokyo

Click here for results

Click above pictures to enlarge

Brady Elison defeats Sjef van den Berg 6 - 4 to win Bronze

Lee SeungYun defeats team mate Kim Woojin 6 - 0 for Gold

What is Tokyo's Olympic Venue like? watch this video to see and hear what the atheletes think

Aug 24, 2016
Rio archery 2016

Click Image for Archery Schedule and Results - 5 August - 12 August

Mens Team RioWomens Team Rio

Women's Team finals day at Rio saw Korea win its eight consecutive Olympic Gold Medal.
The Nation's winning streak in the event now extends 24 years - back since the team event was introduced in Seoul in 1988,

Individual Men-Women

Individual Recurve Women has been concluded with Chang He Jin taking the Gold. Great result for Germany with Lisa Unruh winning Silver and Ki Bo Bae, Korea, taking Bronze. So far the Korean men and women have won 3 Gold and a Bronze, dominating archery since 1984, with the Men Singles finals still to come. Will Brady Ellison USA be able to snatch Gold tomorrow?

With Ku Bonchan's victory in the men's event, Korea won all four titles for the first time at the Olympics.
Jean-Charles Valladont wins Silver and Brady Ellison snatches Bronze, being his first individual Olympic medal, after Team Silver in 2012 and 2016. Read more


Rio de Janeiro Time

July 13, 2016

Flag USAResults for the US National Target Championships - July 13 - 17, in Decatur, Alabama 2016 - Click here
January 1, 2015


Wishing all our friends worldwide a very happy, healthy and successful 2016

Sep 3 , 2014

World Cup Final
6 & 7 September 2014


Click here for detailed Competition Schedule

Watch the Cup Finals on World Archery TV

March 5, 2015

The role of the Coach is very often misunderstood, so what are the traits of a good coach?

CHAPTER 1 - The Coach.

For PDF Click here

Aug 28 , 2014

European International Archery Coaching and Training Seminar With Kisik Lee

Belgian flagBelgium - Oct 1 - 5, 2014

Click here for more details

Kisik Lee

July 31 , 2014


Stage 4

Click here

July 25 , 2014

USA Open logo

For Event Schedule Click here

For Results Click here

For JOAD Results Click here

July 6 , 2014

German flagWith many thanks for the translation of Hydration in German by Kurt Eggerling. Click here

July 4 , 2014

Swedish flagWith many thanks for the translation of Hydration in Swedish by Andrey Fomin. Click here

What is NTS?

Kisik Lee

Since 2006, when Coach Kisik Lee became the USA National Head Coach, USA Archery adopted the NTS (National Training System), which is based on the teachings of Coach Kisik Lee and his KSL Shot Cycle system. It has made America competitive again in both Worlds and Olympic Team events. This was clearly seen at the Silver Medal Match at the 2012 London Olympics when the US Team beat Korea. But what exactly is NTS?
Read more

July 2 , 2014

Kisik Lee Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Coach Lee
From all archers and coaches in over 105 countries who visit your website and with whom you share your knowledge so generously.

Have a fantastic day and may your God bless you.

June 22 , 2014

2014 SoCal Showdown
US Archery (USAA)

Chula Vista, CA, from 20-06-2014 to 22-06-2014

For all results - Click here

June 10 , 2014

Logo WC3

World Cup Stage 3 Antalya
Jun 10 - 15

Local Time

April 22 , 2014
Logo Shanghai 14
World Cup Stage 1
22/4 - 27/4/2014

Local Shanghai time

For detailed program
Click here

Entries and event results Click here

For videos of all current World Cup Matches click here

March 3 , 2014

Nimes2014World Indoor Championships, Nimes, France

Congratulations to

Ryan Tyack - AUS - Gold Medal
Ruban Viktor -UKR -Silver Medal
Brady Ellison - USA -Bronze Medal
and all other medalists

Watch all video finals, Recurve and Compound
Click here

January 22 , 2014

Croation flagWith many thanks to Darko Gespaher who is a coach of Archery Club Sesvete, Croatia. He attended Coach Lee recent seminar in Belgium and has translated the KSL Shot Cycle in Croatian for us, being the 22nd language:).

Please click here to see translation.

January 10 , 2014

KSL logo

We are seeking your input to continue to make this website relevant to the needs of the worldwide archery community.

please click here for further information

October 15 , 2013

WAA Logo


International Archery Coaching and Training Seminar
With Kisik Lee

Sydney, Australia 16 - 20 December 2013

Kisik Lee

Opportunity to achieve
KSL Coaching Accreditation
Level 1 and/or Level 2

For further information click here

December 25 , 2013


Click picture to enlarge

October 22 , 2013

German flag

Die deutsche Uebersetzung des Buches Total Archery Inside the Archer heisst Total Archery Der Bogenschuetze von Innen
Das Buch kann erworben werden bei Allermann Click here
und auch bei anderen Bogensporthaendlern in Deutschland, Oesterreich und in der Schweiz - on-line oder im Geschäft.

Total Archery

The German translation of the book Total Archery Inside the Archer is named Total Archery Der Bogenschuetze von Innen
The book can be purchased at Allermann
Click here
Click here
and also at other archery dealers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland - on-line or at the shop.

October 14 , 2013

Interacts Logo


International Archery Coaching and Training Seminar
With Kisik Lee

Brussels, Belgium 20-24 November 2013

Kisik Lee

For detailed program click here

For all other infomation in English, French and Dutch click here

October 6 , 2013


Brady and Khatuna win Silver Medal in Mixed Recurve Team


Congratulations to Brady and Khatuna and Coach Kisik Lee

October 6 , 2013


Team USA Claims First Men's Recurve Archery World Title In 30 Years

Mens Team Gold

Congratulations to the USA Mens Team and Coach Kisik Lee

Sept 27 , 2013


Live Scores


Click here for complete program

List of participants

Local time

Sept 22 , 2013

Paris 2013

Eifel tower

Click here for video of all recurve medal matches

Click here for video of all compound medal matches

For Individual Detailed Match Results Click here


Sept 11 , 2013

French Flag

The translation for Angular Movement is now on our website, courtesy of Xavier Brunet

Click here

Aug 28 , 2013

Stage 4

Click here for video of all recurve medal matches


Aug 19 , 2013

Click here for detailed Proram

Qualifying Rounds, Watch live scores

Local time in Wroclaw, Poland

July 17 , 2013


Qualifying results

ELLISON Brady USA 320 / 5 334 / 2 333 / 7 358 / 1 71 27 1345
2 44B SERRANO Juan Rene MEX 323 / 3 331 / 6 333 / 5 354 / 6 72 23 1341
3 45D NESPOLI Mauro ITA 325 / 1 328 / 12 332 / 9 353 / 8 75 30 1338
XU Jing CHN 333 / 2 331 / 10 329 / 9 356 / 1 76 29 1349
2 9B LORIG Khatuna USA 337 / 1 335 / 6 325 / 11 351 / 6 74 34 1348
3 9C CUI Yuanyuan CHN 324 / 6 341 / 1 330 / 6 350 / 7 70 27 1345
ELZINGA Peter NED 355 / 1 351 / 7 59 35 706
2 43C DELOCHE Pierre Julien FRA 351 / 8 353 / 2 56 27 704
3 38B GELLENTHIEN Braden USA 351 / 9 352 / 4 55 31 703
1 30C LOGINOVA Albina RUS 349 / 1 346 / 3 51 22 695
2 19C USQUIANO Alejandra COL 346 / 4 348 / 1 49 28 694
3 31A SOEMOD Camilla DEN 347 / 2 346 / 5 46 19 693


Click here for detailed results


July 13 , 2013


Congratulaions to all archers and especally

Brady Ellison
Miranda Leek
Rodger Willett Jr
Erika Jones

Click here for detailed results of the USAA National Target Championships in Hamilton, Ohio from 10 - 14 July


July 3 , 2013


Birthday present for Coach Lee

Back at Chula Vista the archers have had back to back FITA scoring for the last 3 days.

Brady Ellison managed
Monday 1367
Tuesday 1376
Wednesday 1391 (349, 343, 348,359)

Click here for for video of last shot for a 1391

and today five archers shot over 1330+.

When will we see the first 1400 Men Recurve FITA?

How many pounds on the fingers does Brady Ellison shoot?

July 2 , 2013

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Coach Lee
From all the archers in 105 countries who visit this website and with whom you share your knowledge so generously.

Thank you and have a fantastic day. .

April 24, 2013

Arrow speeds at 2012 London Olympics

Ever wondered what arrow speeds are shot by male and female Olympic archers?

Read more


June 15 , 2013

Sara Lopez

Archery World Cup 2013
Stage 2 Antalya (TUR)

Columbia flag

Congratulations to 18 year old Sara Lopez from Columbia, who only in her second World Cup won Individual Compound Women Gold against Shanghai WC Stage1 winner SEOK Ji Hyun and her second Gold medal in the Women Compound Team finals against the mighty USA Team.

This will be a fantastic boost for the World Cup Stage 3, to be held in Medellin, Columbia. This will also be the first time that the World Cup will come to her country, which is also the first time that such an event will be held on South American soil.

Felicitaciones and buen trabajo Sara Lopez.

June 10 , 2013

Archery World Cup 2013
Stage 2 Antalya (TUR)

Local time

WC Antalya2013

For programme details
Click here

For live results
Click here

For Match Results
Click here

For News
Click here

Check 10 day weather forecast for Antalya
Click here

May 30 , 2013


2013 Easton Foundation Gator Cup &
World Archery Championship Team Trials
31st May - 3rd June 2013

For further details and live updates
Click here

May 19 , 2013

Shanghai WC1 2013

Korea heads medal tally with a total of 11 medals; 5 Gold, 2 Silver and 4 Bronze. Their medal tally included 5 medals in the compound events(Watch out World).

USA finished with 7 medals; 4 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze.

World Cup Stage 1
Final Results
Medallists by Event

Click here to view medallists

May 14 , 2013

Shanghai WC1 2013

Local Shanghai time

World Cup Stage 1

For results Check here

For live scores Click here

For photos Click here

For Program Click here

April 27, 2013


Texas Shoot Out 2013
Apr 25 -28

Results after matchplay

Men Recurve
Brady Ellison -Gold
Jake Kaminski - Silver
Colin Klimitchek - Bronze

Women Recurve
Michelle Gilbert- Gold
Miranda Leek- Silver
Ariel Gibilaro - Bronze

Men Compound
Reo Wilde - Gold
Braden Gellenthien - Silver
Rodger Willett Jr. - Bronze

Women Compound
Erika Jones - Gold
Tristan Skarvan - Silver
Jamie van Natta - Bronze

For full results Check here


April 26, 2013


Texas Shoot Out 2013
Apr 25 -28

Leading archers after 144 arrow qualifier are-
Brady Ellison- MR; Jennifer Hardy- WR
Reo Wilde-MC and Erika Jones-WC

For full results Check here

April 24, 2013

Arrow speeds at 2012 London Olympics

Ever wondered what arrow speeds are shot by male and female Olympic archers?

Read more


Nov 6, 2012

Train What You Know

An article by Troy Bassham,and even though it is aimed at golfers, it is equally applicable to archery or any other sport.

Read more

Sept. 3,, 2012

Fantastic feat by USA Paralympian
Matt Stutzman

Matt Stutzman

Matt Stutzman takes Silver in Men's Individual Compound

In the Ranking Round Matt top scored with 685, which most abled bods only dream about.

The 29-year-old won silver in the individual compound this weekend. His other competitors, including the athlete who defeated him for gold on the final arrow, are in wheelchairs but have the use of their arms.

Read more

August 20, 2012

International Coaching Seminar
Sydney, Australia

Coach Kisik Lee will be conducting a 3 day seminar in Sydney, Australia for coaches and archers on 15th 16th and 17th December 2012

Read more

August 4 , 2012

USA Coach Ksik Lee awarded the Medal of Ikkos

Congratulations to Coach KiSik Lee for being awarded the Order of Ikkos medal for his dedication to coaching the USA Archery team to an Olympic medal at the London 2012 Games. A hard earned and well deserved award for one of the greatest coaches the sport of archery has known.

Note:The Order of Ikkos name comes from Ikkos of Tarentum ( Taranto), who was first Olympic coach in ancient Greece. It provides the opportunity for athletes to recognize their coaches for their leadership and inspiration to achieve world-class performance.

August 1 , 2012

Stunned world number one ousted from the Individual competition in the last 32.

Brady already looking at Rio 2016

Click here for more details

July 28 , 2012

USA Archery Team wins first U.S. Medal of the Games

Click here for more details

July 16 , 2012

Mascot 2012

Get ready for the 2012 London Olympics starting with the 70M Ranking Round on Friday 27th July at 9am Local Time

Click here for detailed competition schedule

Local London Time

June 24, 2012

WC Logo Ogden

USA_WomenOgden USA Women Team wins Gold in FOQT and secures 3 Olympic spots

USA finishes Ogden World Cup leading medal tally with 5 Gold - 1 Silver - 3 Bronze

Reo Wilde makes World Cup history

June 14, 2012

Kisik Lee & Denise Parker

Exciting news for USA Archery: world-renowned archery coach KiSik Lee has renewed his contract with USA Archery for another 4 years

June 14, 2012

Flag USA

CHULA VISTA, Calif. -- The United States Olympic Committee and the Easton Foundation have signed an agreement to build a $14M world-class archery facility at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista.


June 5 , 2012

Flag USA

Following a gruelling Olympic Trials process, USA Archery nominates six athletes to U.S. Olympic Team


Final Official results - Men

Final Official results - Women

May 31 , 2012

French Flag

France announces men's Olympic team

The French Women's team of Celine BEZAULT, Cyrielle COTRY and Berengere SCHUH, will travel to Ogden with the goal of placing in the top three of the Final Team Qualifications Tournament in order to qualify a full team to the London Olympic Games (Like USA, France has earned only one berth so far).

May 23 , 2012

The 'best archer that ever lived'?
May 21 , 2012

Samick Sports reneges!
May 1 , 2012

WorldCup Antalya

World Cup Stage 2
Antalya (TUR) - 1-6 May 2012

Check here fordetails and results

April 27, 2012

USA Flag

USA Coaching System paying dividends

USA best nation in archery since 2008
Lausanne - 27 April 2012


Read more

April 18, 2012


Archery TV Shanghai 2012

Your personal Youtube Digest

Click here

April 15, 2012

5 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze to USA archers at Shanghai World Cup

Congratulations to all of theShanghai World Cup medalists.

Medallists by Event

Medal Standings

March 25 2012

23rd Arizona Cup

Congratulations to all of the AAE Arizona Cup medalists: Brady Ellison, Elias Malave and Butch Johnson; Miranda Leek, Mariana Avitia and Aida Roman; Jamie Van Natta, Tristan Skarvan and Paige Pearce; and Reo Wilde, Dave Cousins and Jesse Broadwater!

Detailed Results
March 12, 2012

Danish flag The KSL Shot Cycle now in 20 languages with Danish added, courtesy of Henny Jeremiassen

Read more
Feb17 , 2012

Italian The KSL Breathing Cycle now in 12 languages with Italian added, courtesy of Andrea

Read more
Feb 6 , 2012

World Indoor Archery Championship - Las Vegas 2012

Click here for results

Feb 5, 2012

FAQ #71

How can I have a tight anchor as well as a relaxed upper arm?

Read more

Jan 8, 2012

World Indoor Archery Championship - Las Vegas 2012


USA Indoor Team 2012 selected.

Read more

Dec 13 , 2011

The 2011 Onethousand Arrow Challenge raises $2,300 for USO


Nov 29 , 2011

FAQ #70

I can't get properly in line due to shorter length of long bones in my draw arm. How can I fix it?
Read more

German Flag Click here for German translation.
Nov 7 , 2011


in Sport & Spirituality now translated into GermanGerman, courtesy Kurt Eggerling

Read More

Oct 24 , 2011

PanAm USA Team2011

USA Team tops Medal tally at PanAm Games

Guadalajara, Mexico - Brady Ellison (Glendale, AZ) and Miranda Leek (Des Moines, IA) collected their second medals of the Pan Am Games, this time an individual gold for Ellison, and silver for Leek, following their gold and silver team round victories on Friday.

Read More

Oct 23, 2011

From the Washington Post - "Brady Ellison keeps on Winning"!!!

Read more

Oct 10, 2011

The KSL Shot Cycle Team

The Team


Brady Ellison:
The best archer in 2011

1010_Ellison Gold London

USA Men dominate Olympic Test Event in London with Individual and Team Gold Medals

Read More

Oct 3 , 2011

Im Dong-Hyun (Kor) sets new World Record of 693 for 72 arrows at 70M

Im has only 10% sight!!!!

Read More

Sept 25, 2011

USA dominates Final World Cup Final in Istanbul with 4 Gold and 2 Silver

Read More Recurve

Read More Compound

Sept 3, 2011

Transition Regional Coaching Course

November 6-12, 2011

Click Here for more information
Aug 20, 2011

Recurve vs Compound

A match between two of the best archers in 2011 at the SoCall Showdown.

Could recurve beat compound?

Watch Video
Sept 3, 2011

Our Twentieth Language!!!

Belorussian Flag

Sport Psychology, now translated in Belorussian courtesy of Olga Skachko

Click Here
Aug 6, 2011

Rodger Willet Jr., Compound, joins Brady Ellison, Recurve, to win THREE consecutive World Cups.

USA Team snares 7 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze for an unprecedented 10 medals

See results

Aug 5, 2011

Brady Ellison, Recurve, becomes the first archer ever to win THREE consecutive World Cups.

Will Rodger Willett Jr, Compound, equal this feat tomorrow?

See results

Aug 5, 2011

USA dominates World Cup 3 in Ogden

USA archers qualify first in 9 out of ten events and will contest 8 Gold Medal matches, one Silver and 2 Bronze

July17 , 2011

Olympic Archery Quota for London 2012

Thirty-five? places for both Men & Women Recurve have now been allocated based on results from the 2011 World Championships in Turin, with the remainder of the 29 places to be allocated based on CQTs next year: refer to details of Qualification System.

For details of current allocation see Men and Women

July 10 , 2011

World Championships Turin, Italy

USA and Korea share medal rankings with 6 medals each in Turin.

For full results click here

July 7 , 2011

Twenty seven Olympic Qualification Places determined for each, Recurve Men & Women at WAC in Turin.

Read more

U.S.Men's Recurve Team Clinches Olympic Quota Spots.

Read more

June 12 , 2011

WC Porec201
World Cup 2 - Antalya
Team USA was coached by National Head Coach KiSik Lee, the Coach with the Midas touch, assisted by Michael Usherenko and Mel Nichols and the team was lead by Cindy Bevilacqua. USA leads the Medal Tally with 5 Gold. 1 Silver and 1 Bronze, followed by Korea with 5 and Iran 3 medals.

For full results click here

June 11, 2011

How important do you think it is to have 20/20 vision to be able to become a world elite archer?

Read more

June 11 , 2011

BA AntalyaWorld Cup 2 - Antalya

Brady ELLISON (USA) and Rodger WILLET Jr. (USA) take out individual Gold in Men Recurve and compound respectively.

Read more

May 29, 2011

Click photo to enlarge

Sydney Opera House during Light Festival
A fantastic location for a World Cup Final

Photo courtesy of Robert de Bondt Jr.

May 24, 2011

"The Principle of Reinforcement" - by Lanny Bassham now translated in French, "Le Renforcement", courtesy of Philippe BOICHUT

French Flag Read more

May 15, 2011


USA World Cup Team Announced
(click photo to enlarge)

Brady Ellison posting a FITA 1357 score at the 1st trial and a 1368 for the second, for a total double FITA of 2725
The selected three men recurve team, all Resident Archers, posted combined Team scores of 4016 and 4009 respectively.

Read more

WC2Worldcup 2 - Antalya 6-12th June,2011- For info click here
For life info click here

World Archery TV Channel - For Flash Interviews from Antalya click here

May 10, 2011

Brady The reigning World Cup Final winner Brady ELLISON has been nominated the World Archery Athlete of the Week!

Read more

May 7 , 2011

WC Porec201
Flag USA
USA Dominates World Cup Stage 1 with
6 Gold medals and1 Silver
Read more

May6 , 2011

Flag USA
The USA Men Recurve Team defeated the Ukraine 214 - 209 and will shoot for the Gold Medal tomorrow at 15.10 local time, against India who defeated Korea 219 - 217.

Straight after that match the mixed USA Team of Brady Ellison and Khatuna Lorig will shoot for the Gold Medal against Korea at 15.35 local time

Read more

May 5 , 2011

Chinese Flag
PT- y?S??? The translation of the KSL Physical SPT is now avalable in Chinese, courtesy Coach Leng Morris

Read more

April 26, 2011

Chinese Flag
KSL? ???-(??
The translation of the KSL IV Focus Cycle is now avalable in Chinese, courtesy Coach Leng Morris
Read more

April 24, 2011

Flag USA

The first WAC trial and Gator cup at Florida has just finished. Olympic Resident Archers
did well 1,2 and 3rd! Also 1,2,3 and 4th for world team selection.

Men's Team FITA scores:

For all scores click here

April 20, 2011

Chinese Flag

KSL ? ? |8?O

The translation of the KSL Breathing Cycle is now avalable in Chinese, courtesy Coach Leng Morris

Read more

NOW RELEASED - February 1, 2011
The last and final free chapter of Total Archery in French


French Flag
Read More

April 12, 2011

Chinese Flag

KSL ? ?

We are very happy to be able to now bring Chinese translations to our website.

This now makes for 19 languages and includes the core of KSL Olympic Medals winning technique, the KSL Shot Cycle.

We would like to thank Coach Leng Morris for this translation and great effort to spread and make available Coach Lee's winning technique to our Chinese archery friends all over the world.

Read more

November 30, 2010

Brady Ellison wins Amsterdam Face 2 Face Indoor with 590,592,593,595

The Gold medal match was the most exciting between Brady and Magnus Petersson with five 1 arrow shoot offs. Both archers shot 30,30,29,30,30. Magnus won the first arrow shoot off and Brady the remaining four, clinching the Gold Medal 4 - 1.

Read More

For detailed results Click Here

October 30, 2010

Transition Regional Coach Course to be conducted by Coach Kisik Lee in Philadelphia from November 1- 7

Read More

October 1, 2010

Brady Ellison - A Winner On and Off the Field

Read More

Also visit Brady's Website

September 22,, 2010

FlagCanada FANTASTIC!!!
KSL Angular drawing method gives new life to senior Canadian archers.

Read More

September 19,, 2010

Gold Medal World Cup Final - Edinburgh

Brady Ellison Ellison, coached by world renowned Coach Kisik Lee, defeats Korean Im in World Cup Final in Edinburgh.

Read More

July 13, 2010

Polish FlagVarious additional Polish translations available now, courtesy of Michal Nowrat.

Read More

June 25 , 2010

Gold Medal Timing
Flag Thai Good Technique=Good Timing=Consistent match winning results. Now translated into Thai by Chanchai Neerapattanagul

Read More

June 19 , 2010

Gold Medal Timing - Goldmedaillen-Timing
German FlagGood Technique=Good Timing=Consistent match winning results. Now translated into German by Kurt Eggerling

Read More

June 13 , 2010

Gold Medal Timing

Good Technique=Good Timing=Consistent match winning results

Read More

June 11 , 2010

Olympians Brady Ellison & Jennifer Nichols set New World Record.

Flag USA Team USA dominates Turkey Worl Cup
Read More

June 4, 2010

Movimento angolare - Angular Movement Italian flag

Now translated into Italian courtesy of Vincenzo IOSCA from archery club A.S.D. FRECCE AZZURRE in Rome .
Read More

May 12, 2010

Sports Psychology

"The Principle of Reinforcement" by Lanny Bassham.
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May 11, 2010

New Translation
Italian flag Technique now translated into Italian,courtesy of Vincenzo IOSCA

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May 11, 2010

Australian Flag
Chapter 4 - Hooking
We are able to bring you one of the great chapters, "Hooking", from Coach Lee's latest book in English. For further details
Click here to read this enlightening Chapter in PDF format

May 8, 2010

Brady& Jennifer Outstanding Results for USA Archers at World Cup in Croatia, winning 7 Medals Flag USA

. Full Results

Brady Ellison Gold Medal Individual Men Recurve + Gold Medal with Jennifer Nichols in Mixed Doubles
Click to enlarge

View video of Gold Medal Match
Brady Ellison vs Vic Wunderle - Click here

May 5, 2010

US Team sets new World Record at World Cup
Flag USARead More

April 23, 2010

Arrow Speed Effect
Serbian Flag Now translated into Serbian by Velimir Kojic. Read More

April 8, 2010

Top US Archer Seeing Pink -
Brady Ellison shooting for breast cancer cure
Watch TV interview

December 31 , 2009

BEST Method - New direction for other sports -
Olympic Rifle shooter Evan Williams finds new direction Read more

December 6 , 2009

New translations for Sport Psychology, Scapula Photos and Anchor/Holding/Release translated into Spanish courtesy of Susana Castro (Arqueros de Albal)
Spanish FlagRead more

November 25, 2009 - New Arrival

GrandchildCongratulations to Grandpa Lee on the arrival of his first granddaughter on November 19. The doctor recommends no SPT for the first 3 months:)

October 26 , 2009 - New Translation

KSL Shot Cycle now translated into Polish courtesy of Marek Sochacki
Polish Flag Read more

October 20 , 2009 - New Translation

Srbian FlagSports Psychology now translated into Serbian courtesy of Velimir Kojic
Read more

September 16, 2009 - New Translations

KSL Shot Cycle now translated into Albanian courtesy of
Flag Albania Rudi Guraziu & Bardhyl Luzhnica
Read more

August 10 , 2009 - US Nationals and US Open Championships

The 2009 US Nationals and US Open Championships saw great results for Kisik Lees archers and again shows the magic this great coach can weave and highlighting yet again his successful coaching methods.

The US Nationals saw Brady Ellision come first and Jake Kaminski 3rd in the Open Men Recurve with Heather Koehl achieving 3rd in the Ladies Open Recurve.

Following was the US Open Championships, which was a match play event. Brady Ellison had a great run of matches winning 115, 113, 113, 116, 111 which pitched him against Vic Wunderle in the Gold Medal match. After a close tussle Brady defeated Vic ?111-110 to win the Gold medal.

Twenty year old, Jake Kaminski made it to the Bronze medal match, but was defeated by the more seasoned Butch Johnson 113-108. ?Jake is showing great promise and his Olympic dream is driving him on to greater heights..
Happy 21st Birthday to Jake for August 11.

Eighteen year old Heather Koehls? dream to be in the 2012 USA Olympic Team came a step closer with a great win against Jennifer Nichols in the Gold Medal match, defeating Jennifer 109-106 and winning the Gold Medal.

June 28 , 2009 - New Translations

Technique, now in German,courtesy German Flag of Kurt Eggerling .Click Flag

June 24, 2009 - Total Archery - "Inside the Archer"

KSL Logo

Message from Coach Kisik Lee


To all the archers reading this book, please realize this book was written for you. The subtitle of the book, Inside the Archer , is meant to relate to the feeling, emotion, and power, you as the archer feel while shooting. After the success of the first Total Archery book, I had a great desire to publish a book written from the perspective of an archer. I feel I have come close to the best approach to teaching Olympic-level archery.

Though this book is written from the feeling and understanding of an archer, this does not mean a coach will not find this a valuable read. First and foremost the descriptions will be what an archer should see, experience, and feel, however it is the job of the coach to get inside of his archer. It is impossible to shoot the arrows for your students, but it is my goal that through this book, coaches will feel more like archers, and together the archer and coach can come closer together in their understanding. If a coach remembers that in order for his archer to shoot a ten from 70 meters, the archer must keep the point of their arrow in a circle smaller than the tip of a ball-point pen, and then approach coaching with that same amount of precision and attention to detail, one can be assured of much greater success.

Through the course of writing this book I have ?changed my own coaching and understanding, for the better.
Kisik Lee

June 14, 2009- FREE - New SPT Handbook

SPT Tools for Archers and Coaches, in PDF format, by Coach Kisik Lee, now in German,courtesy German Flag of Kurt Eggerling. Click Flag

June 7 , 2009- FREE - New SPT Handbook

SPT Tools for Archers and Coaches, in PDF format, by Coach Kisik Lee. Check it Out

May 31, 2009 - USA World Selection Trial Results

For ful results of Ranking Round Men & Women Compound and Recurve Click here

For ful results of Match Play Men & Women Compound and Recurve Click here

New National USA 90M & FITA Record
Congratulations to Brady Ellison who set two new National records at the recent USA World Trials in Georgia.
New Record 90M - 331
New Record FITA 90 - 1364
(331, 336,340,357)

May 5, 2009- New Slow Motion Videos

Check out the BEST method as used by Top USA Olympic archer, Brady Ellison Check it Out

April 12, 2009 - Brady Ellison wins Arizona Cup 2009
Brady Ellison In Recurve Men, the local hero American ELLISON claimed another victory in his early career. He beat Baar NESTENG (NOR) in the final 116 -103. His ranking round of 1328 placed him in the box seat, placing him first. Brady Ellison is coached in the BEST method by legendary coach Kisik Lee, USA National Head Coach.
In addition he also set a new AZ record at 70M of 339, whilst his 116 in the final was only one point below archerys great Rick McKinneys AZ record of 117, set in 1993. Click here for full results.

Click photo to enlarge


Click here for further information
May 31, 2008 - World Cup Stage 3 - Turkey

BradySilverMedal Brady GM Turkey Click on photos to enlarge

Extracts and photos from FITA official website

Gold Medal: ELLISON Brady (USA) - IM Dong Hyun (KOR)

The last match features the reigning World Champion and Team World Record holder Im and the 19-year old Ellison. The latter has the best start with 9-10-9 (27) versus 8-9-9 (26) for Im. However, the Korean turns the score to his advantage in the second end thanks to a perfect end (10-X10-X10). Ellison shoots 8-9-9 and trails by 3 (53-56). It seems he cannot do anything as the World Champion of Korea continues with another triple 10 (86). Ellison is behind by 6 with three 9s (80). The two archers copy each other in the last end with both shooting 9-10-9. The difference therefore does not change and Im takes gold with 114 pts. Ellison scores a total of 108 pts and wins silver for his first gold medal match on a World Cup.

Brady Ellison (USA)
I was shooting strong. There were good shots but they just didnt go in. Five or six arrows were very close to the 10 ring. I like this final field on the beach very much. Even the warm-up range had the same conditions as the actual final field. I didnt feel tense because it was a special field. It was still me, the target and one opponent.

The US trials to qualify for the Olympic Games were about eight months long. It was a long and difficult process because each round of competitions was more important than the previous one. It obliged the archers to stay strong pretty much every week-end. We played a whole lot of matches and in a sense it was the best training. Coach Lee designed these trials and I trust him. For me he is the best coach in the world. He probably brought home more gold medals than anyone else. I have known him since I started to shoot recurve. He is like family. He is so good in pointing out the little things that are wrong in your shooting. He knows exactly what he wants and how you should shoot to perform at your best. He makes you achieve your best potential.

I hope I stick to my mental game until the Beijing Olympics and I hope for the best there!

May 20 , 2008
Greek Flag We are very happy to add the Greek translation of the KSL Shot Cycle to our website through the labours of Elias Koumarianos and Kostas Lasithiotakis. A great effort, which now brings the total translations of the KSL SAhot Cycle to SIXTEEN. Again a great thank you to all our friends and contributors, who make this all worthwhile.
Click here

May 4, 2008 - USA Olympic Team

The final 3rd USA Olympic Selection trial was concluded today at theBen Avery Shooting Center in Phoenix, Arizona
The top three men
1.Brady Ellison
2.Butch Johnson
3.Vic Wunderle

Top two women
1. Jennifer Nichols
2.Khatuna Lorig

For detailed scores Click here

October 10, 2007
CQT - El Salvador

Phase 1 of the USA mission in El Salvador has been accomplished. Karen Scavoto and Khatuna Lorig finished 1st & 2nd in the FITA ranking round. That puts the USA in the best possible position going into the OR tomorrow. They will have a bye in the first round and then they need to win at least 2 matches to be in position to finish in top 3. The top 3 finishers are the only ones that qualify spots for the Olympics. Hopefully both girls will get into the final.

The girls are in good spirits and are shooting well. There has been no wind, but it rains some every day. Lets pray that it will be good news.

Ranking for CQT on Thursday
1 Scavotto USA 1333
2 Lorig USA 1332
3 Garcia MEX 1328
4 Brito VEN 1315
5 Sarduy CUB 1311
6 Beaudet CAN 1309
7 Roman MEX 1306
8 Van Lamoen CHI 1294
9 Pagan CUB 1287
10 Vrakking CAN 1279
11 Ruiz PUR 1274
12 Gamon MEX 1247
13 Niles CAN 1247
14 Deschamps CHI 1244
15 Jones BAR 1243
16 Duenas ESA 1241
17 Marquez VEN 1241
18 Nikitin BRA 1241
19 Leoni VEN 1224
20 Quiroga ECU 1223
21 Maldanado ECU 1219
22 Burgos CHI 1214
23 Rocha BRA 1212
24 Mora ECU 1205
25 Landaverde ESA 1204
26 Sanchez BRA 1203
27 Escalante ESA 1180
28 La Torre PUR 1024

August 26, 2007

Gold Medal Final
Sky KIM originally from Korea, but now competing with a lot of passion for Australia produced a spectacular finish to the tournament in Beijing. CHENG and KIM were tied at 111-111 at the end of the 12 arrows. KIM was leading 84-82, but a triple 9 in the last end gave an opening to CHENG to tie the match with 10-9-10. The tie break then required each archer to shoot the maximum three arrows each before the gold medallist finally emerged. Perfect 10s by both archers in the first two shots took it to the very last arrow, in which the flawless shooting of KIM secured him the glory, shooting another 10 to CHENGs 9.

What a great and fitting end to the week of action in Beijing. The archers will now have less than a year to brush up their skills ready for the big event at next years Olympics.

Didier Mi?ville
FITA Communication

March 11, 2007
Coach Lee highly successful 5-day training seminar was conducted by USA National Head Coach Mr. Kisik Lee at the Olympic Training Centre in Colorado.

The seminar focussed on the BEST method (Coach Lee's Shot Technique System) and was attended by some 72 coaches. [read more]

March 9, 2007
French Flag We have just added the thirteenth translation of the KSL Shot Cycle II. We are very much indebted to C?dric Grzemski and Jean J. Litzon who have provided us with two independent French translations. It is through the efforts of all those archers who are prepared to give something back to the sport of archery that we are able to share our knowledge and reach those archers whose native tongue is not English.

We have been promised translations in Hebrew and Greek and would hope that we can also obtain a translation in Standard Arabic to be able to share the KSL knowledge in these regions.

January 20, 2007
Catalan Flag We are overawed by the response we are receiving from around the world from people, who obviously love archery, to translate the KSL Shot Cycle into their native tongue so that their fellow archers and coaches may share the teachings of Kisik Lee.
This translation in Catalan is brought to you by the courtesy of Josep Gregori i Font, Former president of the Catalan Archery Federation, RFETA Vicepresident.

Catalan : is a Romance language, the national language of Andorra and co-official in the Spanish autonomous communities of Balearic Islands, Valencia (under the name Valencian) and Catalonia. Spain has the majority of active Catalan speakers. It is spoken or understood by approximately 10 million people who live not only in Andorra and Spain, but also in parts of southwestern France (most of Pyrénées Orientales) and in the city of Alghero in Sardinia, Italy.

January 16, 2007
Brazilian flag We have now received the Brazilian Portuguese translation courtesy of Andr? joao Muraro, archer and president of the federacy of Paran? in Brazil. We are very much indebted to all those who share our passion to bring coaching information from one of the great archery coaches in modern times to all archers in all parts of the world.
January 14, 2007
Russian Flag We are very happy to be able to bring you the KSL Shot Cycle now also in Russian With many thanks to to our friends, Dimitri Utkin,Irina Utkina and Sergey Shelmakov, all from Moscow, for the translation of the KSL Shot Cycle into Russian.

This now makes for the tenth language and it is through the generosity of other archers and archery officials that we are able to come closer to realising our objective of sharing the knowledge of one of the great archery coaches in modern times with the rest of the archery world.

We have been promised a Brazilian Portuguese translation and also for French, which will make for twelve languages....FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!

January 9, 2007
Italian Flag USA National Coach Kisik Lee has conducted a very successful seminar in Milan, Italy, on December 16/17 for some 40 of their coaches. The Italian national body FITARCO, Federazione Italiana Tiro con l'Arco, has totally embraced the KSL coaching method. To show their commitment and improve the knowledge of their coaches they will distribute some 1,000 copies of Total Archery, Italian translation, to their coaches throughout Italy, at NO COST to the coaches". We understand this to be a world's first and would like to sincerely congratulate FITARCO on their commitment.
January 8, 2007
Spanish Flag We are pleased to advise that the KSL Shot Cycle has now also been translated into Spanish by courtesy of the efforts by Flavia Mayoral from Club de Albal, Valencia, Spain. The KSL Shot Cycle has now been translated into nine different languages.

One of the major languagesstill missing is French. We are hoping that, through the kind efforts of a yet to be indentified generous French archer, this can be rectified in the not too distant future.
French Flag Vive la France!

January 3, 2007

We are pleased to advise that the KSL Shot Cycle has now also been translated into Swedish by courtesy of the efforts of Claes Colmeus from Sweden. We also understand that the Swedish National Coach has emailed all Swedish archers and recommends them to read the KSL Shot Cycle.

December 13, 2006

Kisik Lee will be flying to Italy to conduct a BEST seminar for Italy's top federal coaches in the Sports Center Saini in Milan on December 16 and 17, before he flies back for a well deserved two weeks Christmas break back in Australia with his family.

November 28 , 2006
New KIA website design!

Our web site has been relatively inactive during the last month, which has been mainly due to restructuring and redesign of the website. This, as you will appreciate, takes a lot of time.
We would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to Jonathan Ohayon, who has given so freely of his time and talents to create this outstanding web site. We are sure you agree.
We are always amazed by the generosity of our fellow archers, all over the world, who contribute to this website through translation of the KSL Shot Cycle in their native languages; the translation of Total Archery now in Spanish. It is through this that we are encouraged to continue to bring the latest coaching information from one of the worlds top coaches to archers world wide. We are a non-profit organisation and bring you this website for the love of the sport.

October 26, 2006
North Region Best training Camp announced.

Announcing North Region BEST training camp Nov 18th-19th at ChicagolandJOAD.

October 26, 2006
Australian Camps and Seminars

Unfortunately, due to severe time constraints by Coach Kisik Lee it will not be possible to conduct any seminars or coaching camps over the 2006 Christmas period in Australia. Nearly all seminars for 2007 will be conducted in the USA, so check our Upcoming Seminars section as well as the USA Archery official web site for details when and as they become available.

October 17, 2006
Italian translation of Total Archery

The Italian translation of TOTAL ARCHERY can be bought directly from ARCO SPORT SPIGARELLI via Prenestina, 252/E 00177 Roma (Ita)
Tel 062148351
[email protected]
and all archery shops.

Il libro TOTAL ARCHERY puo' essere acquistato direttamente presso la Arco Sport Spigarelli via Prenestina,252/e 00177 Roma (Ita)
tel 062148351
[email protected]
e presso tutti i negozi specializzati in arceria

October 12, 2006
Italian Coaching Seminar

Coach Kisik Lee has accepted The Italian Archery Federation's invitation to conduct a two day seminar for 30 selected coaches in Italy on December 16 & 17, 2006.

October 3, 2006
New Seminar Announced!

Announcing A High-powered BEST Archery Seminar At Texas A&M, October 27-28.
Read Full Details.

September 29, 2006
Divine intervention at Chula Vista!

Congratulations to Tyler Martin, Guy Kruger and Tyler Domonech, all Residental Archers at Chula Vista, who were baptized on Saturday September 29 in San Diego Bay, with Kisik Lee as their sponsor.

View Photos!

September 26, 2006
KSL Shot Cycle now translated into German

We are very pleased to be able to bring you the KSL Shot Cycle now also in the German language through the kinds efforts of Andreas Hinrichs. We just received the translation without any preamble or requests and are very much indebted to Andreas and those archers who give their time freely to translate the shot cycle in their language so that their countrymen and women, who may not be as fluent in English, may also benefit from this important piece of coaching information. Coach Lee and myself wish to make this available to as many archers in the world at no cost and any translations in any language are very much welcomed.

August 20, 2006
KSL Shot Cycle now translated into Hungarian

We are happy to announce that the KSL Shot Cycle has now been translated into Hungarian through the kind efforts of Borbély László, a member of the Hungarian Olympic Committee.

Total Archery has now been translated into Japanese, Italian and Chinese; French and Spanish are in the making. Translation of an entire book is an enormous task, as everybody will appreciate. However, we consider the KSL Shot Cycle to be extremely important in the total scheme of things and we are very much indebted to people like Borbély László who want to share this important piece of information with their countrymen, who may not be as fluent in English as they are. We will be happy to host any other language translation of the KSL Shot Cycle on this website. Please contact us for further details.

June 10, 2006
Italian Archery Association adopts Total Archery as Text Book.


We have just received advice that the Italian Archery Association will be adopting Total Archery, which has been translated in Italian by Spigarelli, as their text book. Copies should be available in the very near future.

June 9, 2006

USA Archery National Coach Presentation and High Performance Plan on June 30 at JOAD Nationals now available. [View PDF Document]

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