Gold Medal Timing - by Robert de Bondt

Analysing the Individual Recurve Gold Medal Match of the 1st stage of the 2010 Archery World Cup in Porec (CRO) See VIDEO- I found, not coming as a real surprise, the consistent shot timing produced by Brady Ellison, who is trained in the KSL Shot Cycle, Including Angular Expansion, Breathing and Focus Techniques. I have found that those archers, utilizing and properly executing these techniques, have excellent timing in their shots, producing consistent and match winning results. Refer table below.

The 'Holding' times in the table were timed from anchoring, being the easiest visual point to start the stopwatch. However, actual shot time starts when HOLDING has been achieved, which is after Transfer stage, the latter which should take a maximum of half (0.5) of a second after anchoring. Therefore the actual Holding Times in the table below can be reduced by approx. 0.5 sec.

Consistent timing comes from applying the correct techniques to come to Holding and will result in very consistent arrow speeds, the importance/effect of which can be seen clearly under Arrow Speed Effect, where the difference of even 1 fps at 70M can change a potential 10 into a 9. Therefore, using the correct technique does not only produce consistent timing, but inspires greater confidence, translating into Total Mental Management (TMM)/ NO target panic; produces the same power in each shot and delivers consistent and match winning results.

For Video on YouTube of match#8 click here

BE Shot timing
Brady Ellison won this match 7 - 3

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