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Below form photos of two champions and Olympians. David Barnes was coached by Coach Kisik Lee for five years when he was head coach in Australia up to 2005. David is a left hander whilst Brady is right handed. It is interesting to compare the style of both archers, considering Kisik Lee's techniques have developed over the years.

Brady Ellison - Eleven Steps - USA World Champion

Please click on each photo to enlarge and study each step closely. Also try to fully understand the concept of "The barrel of the gun", see FAQ #74

Specifically note in second photo the alignment of the draw forearm with the arrow with the bow pointing to the left to facilitate this set up

BE10 BE11 BE12 BE13 BE14 BE15 BE16 BE17 BE18 BE19 BE20


Form photos of David Barnes - Australia - Bronze Medalist WAC 2003

These form pictures have been upgraded to provide a better quality/size picture for the serious archer and/or coach.

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Hooking Gripping Setup Anchoring Transfer Holding Release Follow Through

The contrast on the pictures below has been increased to provide a better detail of scapulae and muscles.

Setup A Loading A Anchoring Transfer Holding Release
Setup Loading Anchor
Setup Loading Anchoring Transfer Holding Release


Brady Ellison WORLD CHAMPION 2019

Brady1_small Brady 2_small Brady 3_small Brady 4_small

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