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SPT - Specific Physical Training Handbook

Further to our Specific Physical Training tips, see Physical (SPT) , we now are happy to be able to bring you the Specific Physical Training Handbook with SPT tools for archers and coaches alike.

The handbook contains-

  1. Solid strap exercises

  2. Stretch band training

  3. Formaster training without an arrow

  4. Formaster training with an arrow

1. Strap for strap exercises is easily made from about a 6 foot (1.8M) length of 3/4 inch (19mm)wide nylon webbing, including a buckle, so the strap can be adjusted easily to any required length for each exercise to suit each individual archer. See photos below.

Training Strap_small

Buckle _small

2. Stretch bands and stretch tubes should be obtainable from most sport stores or a physiotherap practice, in various resistance strengths.

3 & 4. Formasters can either be bought in various sizes or can be home made, see example below, courtesy of A.Ron Carmichael, Texas Archery

Formaster connect_small
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Elbow connect Cord connect

Connect cord to string under arrow nock with a cow hitch

The Formaster exercises are carried out with a solid cord connected to the string as shown. Make sure that there is about 1 inch to 1.5 inch (25 - 40mm) slack in the Formaster cord at full draw, so that on release it can be checked that proper back tension was used..

For detailed information on Strap, Stretch band and Formaster training exercises click
KSL SPT Handbook

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