U.S. Olympic Training Center - Chula Vista


Come see where USA Olympic athletes are made!

The Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista is the first United States Olympic Committee training facility to be master-planned and built from the ground up, dedicated to the development of U.S. Olympic athletes. The USOC also has training centers in Colorado Springs, CO, and Lake Placid, NY. The Chula Vista training center is the USOC's only warm-weather, year-round, multi-sport training facility. The facility supports many sports, including archery, bobsledding, canoeing/kayaking, cycling, field hockey, luge, rowing, rugby, skiing/snowboarding, soccer, softball, tri-athlon, and various Paralympic sports. An estimated 4,000 athletes a year come to the 155-acre complex to receive the coaching, support, and facilities necessary to compete against the world's best.

Resident Athletes

Initially based in Colorado Springs, Colo., the Resident Athlete (RA) program now allows archers to live and train full-time at the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center (OTC), located in Chula Vista, Calif. The NAA's RAs have produced outstanding results in national, international and Olympic events since the inception of the program in 1987.

Resident Athletes live in archery suites at the OTC, eat in dining halls and attend local schools or hold down community-based jobs/volunteer positions while not honing their shooting techniques or improving their equipment.

The Easton Archery Complex, on the grounds at the Chula Vista OTC, is the largest permanent archery range in North America and among the world's largest. Its 50 lanes have moveable targets that can be set at 30, 50, 60, 70 and 90 meters. With this world-class facility at their disposal, and with year-round, warm-weather training possible in Southern California, the RAs undoubtedly have tremendous opportunities to improve and excel.

In addition to the resident athlete program itself, training camps for archers are held at many different sites through the year. Both Olympic and Compound shooters are accommodated in these intense, week-long events. Fitness, kinetics and sports psychology are learned as well as form and equipment tuning.

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