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KSL Shot Cycle IV - Focus on Process

Coach Lee likes to use the analogy that the average concentration span of a goldfish is about 3 second, about the same as a human – Most goldfish spend all their time swimming around their bowl, being pleasantly surprised by all the new scenery. However, we humans are a little better, but to be able to intensely focus on a specific process, before distracting thoughts will start to interfere and will cause a loss of focus, like a goldfish, would be three seconds.

Once an archer has trained his muscles and nervous system to shoot an arrow flawlessly in the middle of the target, it should, theoretically, be possible to do this every time. However, this will only be possible with the focus centered on executing the process flawlessly, with the mind cleared of any irrelevant thoughts and the body of any irrelevant tensions. This process should be followed with every single arrow. One must have a total connection with one’s own body, devoid of any unwanted thoughts and unwanted tension.

Diagram 1, below, clearly shows the difference between being process focussed or outcome focussed.

Focus Slide 1

Diagram 1

The question now is where should our focus be? If we examine Diagram 2 below we can ask the question where in the KSL Shot Cycle should we focus our three second? More often than not most archers, commonly focus on aiming and results (outcome focussed). However, because our human capacity to intensely focus is only three seconds, the right focus must be on “Expansion” with absolutely no anticipation of any kind.

Focus Slide 2

Diagram 2

In training, as shown on diagram 3 below, the archer can focus on any of the various parts of the process for training purposes. Let the various steps of the KSL Shot Cycle be your training guide.
However, once in competition, the right competition focus is on “Expansion” with no feelings of anticipation/outcome.

Shown below is The KSL Shot Cycly IV – Focus on Process

Focus Slide 3

Diagram 3



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